Rajasthan बाईscope

Rajasthan बाईscope, is a fusion series of folk music of Rajasthan and contemporary Indian music. Daughters in Rajasthan are fondly referred to as Baisa and Rajasthn बाईscope is a humble initiative of Arpan Foundation, as an ode to the phenomenal daughters of the desert. This musical series is designed to give noteworthy performance platforms to the women folk voices from rural Rajasthan. The series flows musically through the journeys of – Manesha A Agarwal, who has taken Folk Music of Rajasthan to global platforms yet always returns to her roots and the traditional women folk voices which are raw and unpolished yet mellifluous and have remained in the roots and how the two conclusively unify on a common platform. The series is aimed at gender equality through music because art is the most effective tool for change in society. The musical is woven around women centric folk songs of Rajasthan like – Baisa Ladka Ghana and Ghoomar among others.